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What is the Lake Tahoe Commemorative Coin?
The Tahoe Coin commemorates and celebrates the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s 50th anniversary, a significant milestone in Lake Tahoe’s history. Coins will be sent as a thank you for your donation to the Lake Tahoe Commemorative Coin Environmental Education Fund.

The coin is one half troy ounce of .999 fine silver. It's 30 mm in diameter, approximately the size of a half dollar. For package details, see below.

What is the Lake Tahoe Commemorative Coin Environmental Education Fund?
The Lake Tahoe Commemorative Coin Environmental Education Fund is a fundraiser in partnership with the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation to support environmental education programs at Lake Tahoe. Parasol is the Tahoe Region’s oldest and largest community foundation dedicated to enhancing and preserving the quality of life at Tahoe through community philanthropy.

When you donate $125 or more, you’ll receive a thank-you gift of a limited-edition commemorative coin from the historic Carson City U.S. Mint.

What packages are available?

The top tier package includes a limited-edition print of an original oil painting of the Lake Tahoe coin by Eleanor Bonbon, the coin designer. Donations at this level include two of the first 200 coins minted, along with the exquisitely framed print. Only 100 are available with donations of $1,645 each.

The wooden display package showcases your coin in an original artisan display handcrafted in South Lake Tahoe out of local cedar and sugar pine wood. It features a custom copper display plate and can be rotated so you can easily view both sides of the coin. Only 500 are available with donations of $450 each.

The individual coin package includes the Tahoe Coin in a high quality airtight acrylic plastic case for coin collectors including non-yellowing agent, secure locking design, and air contamination barrier. The coin and holder will be placed in a full color display card. Only 945 are available with donations of $125 each.

When will the Lake Tahoe Commemorative Coin ship?
Coins are expected to ship in December as they become available.

What organizations does the Lake Tahoe Commemorative Coin Environmental Education Fund support?
Proceeds will benefit regional environmental education programs including:

  • Tahoe In Depth environmental newspaper – TRPA's biannual publication tells stories of the Lake Tahoe environment to help people understand the work behind restoring Tahoe's clarity and the role they can play.
  • League to Save Lake Tahoe’s Eyes on the Lake project – A volunteer citizen science program that helps prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species at Lake Tahoe and surrounding waters.
  • Take Care Tahoe – A lighthearted environmental education campaign with bold signature visuals; it's a collaborative effort by over 50 organizations, including the Tahoe Fund.
  • Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California – Support cultural programs such as the Wa She Shu It' Deh Native American Arts Festival.
  • Nevada State Museum – Support cultural, science, and environmental education programs for school-age children.

Who designed the Lake Tahoe Commemorative Coin?
Eleanor BonBon designed the artwork and Adam Carlson created the supporting materials. The coin casting is by veteran U.S. Mint sculptor and engraver Tom Rogers and the coin die by BEX Engravers.

How many Lake Tahoe Commemorative Coins are available?
1,645 coins will be produced, which represents the maximum depth of Lake Tahoe in feet. Approximately 700 coins will be allocated toward limited-edition displays with 945 coins available as individual gifts.

How much of my donation is tax-deductible?
A portion of your donation is tax-deductible. When you donate to the Lake Tahoe Commemorative Coin Environmental Education Fund, you’ll receive a tax letter with your donation details, including the tax-deductible amount.

Can I donate by check?
Yes, you can donate to the Lake Tahoe Commemorative Coin Environmental Education Fund by check. Please mail payment to the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation, 948 Incline Way, Incline Village, NV 89451. Make checks payable to Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation and note ‘LTCCEEF’ on the memo line of your check.

I have a question not mentioned here. How can I contact you?
Please email coin@trpa.org.

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