Tahoe Together Community Support Fund Grants

Community Fund Grants

In response to the challenges and uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation created the Tahoe Together Community Support Fund to help protect our community by providing funding directly to our nonprofit organizations to address the needs and vulnerabilities of the Tahoe region. In the short-term, this fund provided resources for basic, immediate needs, while the long-term goals were focused on recovery and resilience throughout the Tahoe region.


Through the generosity of our donors, fundholders and board members, the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation awarded a total of $255,500 through Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Tahoe Together Community Support Fund grants.

Phase 1:

Phase 1 emergency grants addressed immediate basic needs, providing food security and emergency financial assistance to those in need. In addition, these grants provided critical support for our local hospitals by helping to provide personal protective equipment, additional patient ventilators, and to assist with emergency staffing needs.

Sierra Community House received $25,000 for general operating, focused on direct services with an emphasis on family strengthening resources.

Tahoe Family Solutions received $25,000 for Family Resource Center programs including the Community Support Team Fund providing emergency financial distributions to regional families in critical need.

Barton Memorial Hospital Foundation received $25,000 for its COVID-19 Response Fund, addressing significant demands on our healthcare system and local economy.

Incline Village Community Hospital Foundation received $25,000 for COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, to support additional equipment, supplies, laboratory and diagnostic services and clinical operations to combat this virus.

Our Lady of Tahoe Catholic Church received $5,000 for its Outreach Program to help purchase grocery gift cards for families in need.

Sierra Senior Services received $2,500 to help with new tires for a delivery vehicle, fuel costs, and the influx of new clients in Incline Village.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 grants focused on helping our vulnerable populations, while also ensuring that programs and services that are valuable to our community remain solvent throughout these challenging times.

Boys & Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe received $25,000 for current and future operations that are targeted to help children and families as they return to school and continue to work through the issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

SOS Outreach received $25,000 to continue changing young lives, building character and leadership in underserved kids through mentoring outdoors.

Lake Tahoe Community College Foundation received $15,000 to support the growth of educational opportunities for our local students through the Lake Tahoe College Promise program and beyond.

Tahoe Coalition for the Homeless received $15,000 to help meet the needs of our neighbors experiencing homelessness by partnering with the community to promote awareness, provide warm beds, and to encourage self-sufficiency.

Tahoe Magic received $15,000 for families needing financial relief due to job loss, serious illness, or an unexpected tragedy.

Diamond Peak Ski Education Foundation received $15,000 to help with scholarships, trainings and camps to motivate and engage children to learn and master a skill, work with a team as well as grow individually in a physically active location.

North Tahoe Arts received $10,000 to support its 30th year of promoting the visual arts in our region through exposure, education and participation.

Tahoe Institute for Natural Science received $10,000 to continue advancing the natural history, conservation, and ecosystem knowledge of the Tahoe region through applied field research, educational programs, and engaging the public through outreach and citizen science.

Tahoe Prosperity Center received $10,000 for the Tahoe Economic Recovery & Resilience Plan.

Tahoe’s Connection for Families received $8,000 to empower families through parenting education, early childhood learning experiences, and a supportive community, offering scholarships and financial assistance so these resources are accessible to all.