Create A Non-Profit Fund

The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation is your partner in asset building to support your organization - both now and in the future. We offer two types of funds to support your various fund raising strategies. You set your goals and objectives, decide your fund raising strategy and approach your donors while we provide quality fund administration, expert investment management, flexible gift acceptance, and knowledgeable planned giving support.
  • The benefits of partnering with the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation are many:

    Limit Conflict of Interest
    With Parasol handling the investment and administrative responsibilities related to your fund, your organization avoids any conflict of interest and ensures your board and donors, both current and future, that funds will be allocated as intended.

    Investment Expertise
    Parasol provides excellent stewardship of the charitable assets entrusted to our care.  Our Investment Committee is comprised of successful and experienced investment managers.  Their careful oversight has resulted in strong performance for funds held at Parasol.

    Investment Options
    Parasol has crafted an investment model with four investment strategies.  When opening your fund, your organization selects the strategy that best aligns with your goals and objectives for that fund.  Your fund then benefits from the strength of a large pooled portfolio.  The result is high quality, diversified investment management with low costs.  Also, you may change your investment strategy as your fund balance grows.

    Flexible Gift Acceptance
    From simple gifts such as cash and credit card donations, to appreciated securities, closely held stock, real estate and other complex assets, Parasol makes acceptance of your donor’s charitable contributions for your fund easy.  In addition, your organization may aggregate contributions according to your fund raising strategy, before contributing them to your fund.

    Planned Giving Assistance
    Managing planned gifts is one of Parasol’s core competencies.  We are available to work with your organization’s staff, donors and their professional advisors to create planned gifts that benefit your fund at Parasol.  

    Focus on your Mission
    With Parasol handling all fund administration responsibilities, your board, staff and volunteers are free to focus on what’s important – your mission.

  • The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation provides two types of funds to meet your various goals and objectives.

    Non-Profit Endowment Funds
    Endowments are permanent funds that can help support your organization in perpetuity.  They are invested with the goal of sustained growth and preservation of principle.  They offer a permanent source of income for your organization and help to attract new contributions.

    Non-Profit Investment Funds
    These funds provide your organization with a savings vehicle that is invested according to your need for access and appetite for risk. Your organization makes deposits into your fund and then may access those funds on a structured basis; based on your organization’s time and use restrictions. These funds can be used in many ways: to build a “rainy day” operating reserve, raise funds for specific capital needs, invest program restricted funds for growth until needed and much more.

  • Establishing your fund at Parasol is easy. Here’s how:

    • Your board determines your organization’s funding needs and purpose
    • Meet with Parasol staff to determine the best type of fund to meet your needs
    • Create appropriate organizational policies as needed such as: Endowment Policy, Reserve Policy, Capital Campaign Policy
    • Sign a simple Non-Profit Fund Agreement with Parasol
    • Select the appropriate investment strategy for your fund
    • Transfer the required minimum deposit to your fund
    • Monitor your fund through quarterly statements
    • Tap Parasol expertise - endowment, planned giving & investment management - as needed

Investment Strategy

One of the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation's most important responsibilities is our stewardship of charitable funds entrusted to our care.  We have a broadly diversified investment portfolio that is structured to produce investment returns that exceed market averages while moderating risk, with the goal of enabling our donors to maximize their philanthropic giving.

We do not engage in market timing.  Funds available for investment are invested promptly, and funds needed for distributions are liquidated promptly.  Similarly, market fluctuations do not trigger changes in the investment mix targets for our four investment horizon categories.

Investment Horizon Categories

To meet the philanthropic objectives of donor funds, investments can be made in one or more of four investment horizon categories:  Long Term, Intermediate Term, Short Term and Socially Responsible.  A Fund’s risk appetite and the time horizon over which the Fund will exist determine its investment horizon; the longer the investment horizon, the greater the expected return.

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Investment Options

  • Ultra-Long Term
  • Long Term
  • Intermediate Term
  • Short Term
  • Socially Responsible

Ultra-Long Term

Goal: To achieve average annual returns significantly greater than inflation with the prospect of periodic market value drops over market cycles greater than 10 years. Designed to suit endowment funds invested for perpetuity and funds with long remaining lives and modest annual payouts.


Long Term

Goal: To achieve average annual returns several percentage points greater than inflation with the prospect of periodic market value drops over 7-10 year market cycles. Designed to suit funds with long remaining lives and modest annual payouts.


Intermediate Term

Goal: Returns slightly greater than inflation over time and an allowance for occasional market value dips within five year periods.  Ideal for funds whose inflows are large, but infrequent relative to annual outflows.


Short Term

Goal:  Relatively steady market values over time plus some inflation protection.  Suited to accounts which receive periodic injections and/or have large annual payouts relative to their average balance.


Socially Responsible

Goal:  Investments are screened for certain environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. Ideal for funds seeking to consider both financial return and social good to bring about a social change.


Parasol Investment Committee

Few community foundations have the breadth of financial experience and savvy offered by the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation. Our Investment Committee members are some of the most successful and experienced entrepreneurs in the financial world. These volunteers direct Parasol’s investment philosophy, process and management, bringing a global perspective to the investment of community charitable assets.

Investment Committee Members  

Parasol Investment Committee

Aaron Moore, Chair: Former Chief Technology Officer and Board Member of Zephyr Associates, a leading provider of investment analysis software

David Hardie: Chairman and CEO of Hallador Investment Advisors, Inc.

Dean Meiling: Managing Director of Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO), retired

Alvaro Pascotto: Private investor as well as a lawyer specializing in private equity and wealth management, tax planning, entertainment and intellectual property. Founder of Kairos Partners SGR S.P.A.

Lisa Petrie: Certified Financial Planner and Managing Director-Investments, Senior Portfolio Manager of the Petrie Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

Ryan Ritchie: Portfolio Manager and wealth planner with a local private investment firm; specialties include global macro research and manager due diligence. Holds a Master of Science in Investment Management from London's Cass Business School.

Elbridge Stuart: Trustee and Treasurer of Stuart Foundation; Former Director of Alternative Investments & Research, Coldstream Capital Management