Who We Are

The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation is a non-profit public charity that is dedicated to supporting the Lake Tahoe region – now and into the future. We are building a more prosperous community by partnering with donors to make their charitable giving more meaningful, by supporting quality programs provided by local non-profit organizations and by providing community leadership on emerging issues. Founded in 1996 by community members, Parasol is a donor-centered organization that, through the generosity of its donors, has granted over $60 million to charitable causes since its inception. Each day we strive to increase the effectiveness of those grants as well as build and grow charitable assets to benefit our community for generations to come.
Parasol has received official confirmation from the Community Foundations National Standards Board certifying that we meet the most rigorous standards in philanthropy. This certification is designed to provide quality assurance to donors, as well as their legal and financial advisors.
Charity Navigator's rating system provides objective assessment of the financial health as well as the accountability and transparency of charities.
They have rated Parasol as Exceptional: Exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in its Cause.
  • Since 1996 Parasol has helped donors enjoy making a difference through their charitable giving. Building a culture of giving in our community is what Parasol is all about.
  • It is a pleasure to be a part of such a caring community of donors, such as those at Parasol, who are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others.
  • Our donors’ passion powers our philanthropy and they truly are the magic behind our positive impact in the community.

We're here to help with all your charitable giving needs!