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Create A Nonprofit Fund

The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation is your partner in asset building to support your organization - both now and in the future. We offer two types of funds to support your various fund raising strategies: Endowment Funds and Investment Funds. You set your goals and objectives, decide your fund raising strategy and approach your donors while we provide quality fund administration, expert investment management, and flexible gift acceptance.

The benefits of partnering with the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation are many:

Limit Conflict of Interest
With Parasol handling the investment and administrative responsibilities related to your fund, your organization avoids any conflict of interest and ensures your board and donors, both current and future, that funds will be allocated as intended.

Investment Expertise
Parasol provides excellent stewardship of the charitable assets entrusted to our care. Our Investment Committee is comprised of successful and experienced investment managers. Their careful oversight has resulted in strong performance for funds held at Parasol.

Investment Options
Parasol has crafted an investment model with five investment strategies. When opening your fund, your organization selects the strategy that best aligns with your goals and objectives for that fund. Your fund then benefits from the strength of a large pooled portfolio. The result is high quality, diversified investment management with low costs. Also, you may change your investment strategy as your fund balance grows.

Flexible Gift Acceptance
Your organization simply aggregates contributions according to your fund raising strategy, before contributing them to your fund. In addition, Parasol makes acceptance of your donor’s charitable contributions for your fund easy by accepting more complex gifts such as appreciated securities and closely held stock.

Focus on your Mission
With Parasol handling all fund administration responsibilities, your board, staff and volunteers are free to focus on what’s important – your mission.

Types of Funds

We provide two types of funds to meet your various goals and objectives.

Nonprofit Endowment Funds
Endowments are permanent funds that can help support your organization in perpetuity. They are invested with the goal of sustained growth and preservation of principle. They offer a permanent source of income for your organization and help to attract new contributions.

Nonprofit Investment Funds
These funds provide your organization with a savings vehicle that is invested according to your need for access and appetite for risk. Your organization makes deposits into your fund and then may access those funds on a structured basis; based on your organization’s time and use restrictions. These funds can be used in many ways: to build a “rainy day” operating reserve, raise funds for specific capital needs, invest program restricted funds for growth until needed and much more.

Establish Your Fund

Establishing your nonprofit fund is easy. Here’s how:

  • Your board determines your organization’s funding needs and purpose
  • Meet with us to determine the best type of fund to meet your needs
  • Create appropriate organizational policies as needed, such as: Endowment Policy, Reserve Policy, Investment Policy. We have sample policies and guides to make creating your policies easy.
  • Sign a simple Nonprofit Fund Agreement
  • Select the appropriate investment strategy for your fund
  • Transfer the required minimum deposit to your fund
  • Monitor your fund through quarterly statements
  • Tap our expertise - endowment, planned giving & investment management - as needed
Get Started
To learn more about how we can assist you and your clients in creating effective charitable giving and legacy plans, please contact:
Claudia Andersen

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