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Fire Safe Initiative

Fire prevention and safety is one of the Community Foundation’s top priorities. In 2018, the Community Foundation created its Fire Safe Initiative to fund fire prevention strategies in the Tahoe Basin, focusing on people and property.

Since its inception, here is what the Tahoe Fire Safe Initiative has accomplished:

In 2022, the Community Foundation funded a fire break map...
...that will be used to create a halo of fire safety around all Nevada-Tahoe communities. This is an ongoing program.
In 2022, working with local insurance experts...
the Community Foundation developed and distributed the Nevada Insurance Survey to collect data demonstrating the need for fire insurance reform as residents’ premiums have skyrocketed or coverage has been cancelled.
In 2021, the Community Foundation established the Tahoe Fire Safe Fund...
...a fund dedicated to supporting fire prevention projects that are critical to the safety of Lake Tahoe’s communities -protecting people and property.
The Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District, North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District and...
Tahoe Resource Conservation District, worked with the Community Foundation to fund the creation of pre-attack fire maps, helping first responders strategically plan for and fight wildfires in the Tahoe Basin. These maps were first used during the 2021 Caldor Fire.
The Community Foundation funded publications and translations...
for Tahoe Living with Fire, which provided tools for homeowners, community members, educators, and fire professionals with recommendations and resources on preparing for wildfire. For the first time, these publications will be available in Spanish.
The Community Foundation has helped to fund resources and outreach events...
in partnership with Tahoe Resource Conservation District through their Fire Adapted Communities, a National Wildfire Coordinating program, which focuses on informing the community about wildfire and providing strategies on how to protect their homes and properties, preparing citizens to collaboratively plan in order to safely coexist with wildland fire.
The AlertTahoe camera system is a network of cameras...
...designed to protect the entire Tahoe region from catastrophic wildfires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. The Community Foundation funded the installation of its final two cameras in the Tahoe basin. To date, more than 100 fires in the Tahoe basin have been stopped due to this camera system.
An AlertTahoe Maintenance Endowment Fund...
...was established at the Community Foundation to ensure the availability of resources for maintaining the AlertTahoe cameras in perpetuity.
The Community Foundation continues to encourage residents... sign up for county emergency alert systems to be notified of any evacuation orders or other emergencies.

Emergency Alerts

• Douglas County:

• El Dorado County:

• Placer County:

• Washoe County:


Tahoe Fire Safe Fund

A catastrophic wildfire is always imminent in the Tahoe Basin. Early detection and thoughtful planning allow firefighters more time to implement strategic responses to protect our communities and environment from devastation. The Tahoe Fire Safe Fund supports initiatives that improve fire safety and community well-being for Tahoe communities. The Community Foundation convened the local Tahoe Fire Safe Experts Group to identify highly impactful community fire mitigation and prevention projects that focus on protecting the people and properties of Lake Tahoe.

As the threat of wildfire continues to plague Tahoe communities, property owners face increasing challenges with finding affordable insurance. The Tahoe Fire Safe Experts Group also leads efforts to maintain and expand affordable homeowner and property insurance options for Tahoe communities.

How You Can Help

Join us in the effort to protect the place we know and love:

  • Invest in Tahoe fire safety: Donate to the Tahoe Fire Safe Fund

  • Make your voice heard: Take our Nevada Insurance Survey

  • Create Defensible Space on your property

  • For more information on our Tahoe Fire Safe Initative, Contact Laura Roche, Program Director
Tahoe NonProfit

Partnerships, connections, and collaboration are essential pieces of the work we do at the Community Foundation. We partner with our local nonprofits to help ensure our community has access to the programs and services they need and desire. We make connections between our donors and the causes they passionately support. We encourage collaboration to maximize charitable funds and create positive impact in the place we call home.

These values led us to create Tahoe Gives, the Tahoe Nonprofit Directory designed to connect you with your passion. The Tahoe basin is served by many nonprofits with a variety of missions. This Tahoe Nonprofit Directory will make it easier for you to navigate through the large number of nonprofits and find the best fit for you to give back to this great community – as a donor, a volunteer or a board member.

To connect with your passion
    What is

  • Tahoe Gives is a nonprofit directory,
    created by the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation...
  • to connect residents,
    donors, volunteers,
  • and those in need, to programs
    and services in the Tahoe region.
  • The directory includes the mission
    statement and website for each local
    nonprofit to help guide users
    and build relationships.
  • Tahoe Gives Now!

    Tahoe Gives Now!



The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation is a funding partner in the Washoe Tahoe Housing Partnership to identify strategies to address housing challenges in Incline Village and Crystal Bay.

Economic Resiliency

The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation is a member of the Catalyst Committee engaged in the Envision Tahoe project of the Tahoe Prosperity Center, helping to create a more resilient regional economy.

Sustainable Tourism
Incline Village Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau: a North Lake Tahoe partner in stewardship

IVCBVB is committed to a destination stewardship model for tourism in our community. Recently they have funded TART connect, a successful local micro transit program, as well as funded a sustainable travel outreach program in partnership with the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association. The Community Foundation supports IVCBVB in these efforts through participation on the Board of Directors and support of their stewardship programs.

Stewardship Tahoe: a regional approach

Lake Tahoe’s communities and economy are rooted in recreation and tourism, touching the lives of all who work, live, and play here. The region is coming together to create a shared destination stewardship plan that will balance the needs of the environment, businesses, visitors, and local communities. This new shared strategy will inspire all to take care of Tahoe.