Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation Supports the League to Save Lake Tahoe’s New Environment and Education Center

Working together to Keep Tahoe Blue


INCLINE VILLAGE, NEV (November 1, 2023) – Since its inception, Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation has focused on the health and wellbeing of the lake and surrounding environment as one of its leading priorities.  In 2023, the Community Foundation was delighted to demonstrate this by granting to the League to Save Lake Tahoe’s new Environment and Education Center capital project.  


“Our community exists in one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, and the Community Foundation has always been focused on supporting projects that protect our home,” said Parasol’s CEO Claudia Andersen. “We are thrilled for the opportunity to support the League to Save Lake Tahoe’s incredible impact on policy, scientific research and education, and projects dedicated to the protection and restoration of Lake Tahoe,” Andersen said.  “The League is doing innovative programs directly impacting our environment and have been such great collaborative partners.  What an exciting milestone we get to be a part of - through their incredible hard work, they will continue to grow in their accomplishments and impact.” 


The League to Save Lake Tahoe, also known for its iconic slogan “Keep Tahoe Blue,” is the donor-funded organization of environmental experts and Tahoe-lovers who have protected the Basin’s health and beauty since 1957. In 2024, they will open the doors to their new Environment and Education Center, a symbol of their continuing commitment to safeguard the lake for future generations.


“We’re so grateful to the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation for their many decades of supporting on-the-ground work that strengthens our community. Their generosity is pivotal to our mission to Keep Tahoe Blue, so everyone can continue to love and enjoy this special place,” said the League’s CEO Dr. Darcie Goodman Collins. “Our new Environment and Education Center will be an open door for residents and visitors to help us repair the ecosystem, reduce the risk of forest fires, and keep the lake’s waters clean and crystal clear. Together with partners like Parasol and tens of thousands of Tahoe-lovers, we’re working to keep Tahoe swimmable, hikeable and skiable for all.”


The League’s redevelopment project will offer a welcoming, bright, indoor/outdoor space to educate and inspire visitors to take action for Tahoe. Every aspect of the building, from the store to the amphitheater, was designed with sustainability in mind. It will be LEED-certified and an embodiment of the League’s mission of environmental stewardship.


Each year, the Community Foundation’s Community Fund Grant program focuses on providing financial resources to organizations responding to some of the greatest challenges and needs of the community.  These grants are awarded by the Community Impact Committee, composed of volunteer members of the community who review each grant proposal and seek out the most impactful opportunities.  “In 2023, the Community Foundation awarded the League to Save Lake Tahoe’s grant application with great confidence in what the future holds for the League and for Lake Tahoe through their continued diligence,” said Community Impact Committee Chair, Aimee LaFayette.  “Through these partnership opportunities, we believe the future of Lake Tahoe is bright.”


About Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation

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About The League to Save Lake Tahoe

The League to Save Lake Tahoe, also known by its iconic slogan “Keep Tahoe Blue,” protects and restores the Tahoe Basin’s unique natural beauty and environmental health – today and for future generations. Guided by science, we develop innovative solutions to complex environmental problems, mobilize thousands of volunteers each year, and act as both watchdog and advocate for Tahoe’s well-being. Learn more about our 66-year-old 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization at